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Patlabor Ezy (In Production)

To Be Released 2024 (Tentative)

Runtime: 60 mins x 8 Episodes


Series Director: Yutaka Izubuchi
Screenplays: Kazunori Ito
Original Story: Headgear
Music: Kenji Kawai
Production: Genco

This project was first announced by production company Genco on 13 June 2017 at the International Animation Film Market (MIFA) at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. A promotional poster image was also tweeted by producer Taro Maki mimicked the 1989 movie poster and even uses the exact same background. Later the same day, Headgear member and screenwriter Kazunori Ito also announced on his Twitter account that he would be involved in the project, saying "I have been working on a thing like this. Though it won't be realised anytime soon, I am working on it anyway. It won't be realised anytime soon...".

On 13 July 2018, images and new came out online that Patlabor Ezy merchandise was being sold at the Tokyo Anime Centre at DNP Plaza in Ichigaya as part of the Anime and Railways exhibition. The merchandise included phone and iPad cases, t-shirts, decals, train pass cases and other items. The exhibition also included a Patlabor Ezy "train pass" ticket to the exhibition. All of the Patlabor Ezy merchandise only included the logo and no other images or information about the project was revealed. Other Patlabor Ezy merchandise released later that year included a new promotional image of an Ingram and command car in the rain.

With the opening of a new Patlabor website and fanclub in August, it was revealed in a timeline on the website that Patlabor Ezy fitted into the TV series and New OVA timeline and possibly took place after those two series. Taro Maki also revealed that the series would take the form of eight one hour episodes, but did not specify if it was a theatrical project or TV broadcast.

In August 2021 at the Patlabor Artworks Exhibition being held at Shibuya Marui department store, a new promotional artwork was displayed. Created by Teruhisa Tajima, who has designed most of the posters, album and home video packages for the franchise, it was a CG image depicting a young schoolboy looking at a refection of an Ingram in puddles after a rainstorm. No other information on the project was forthcoming.

At an event held by the Jungle Mecha Store in Nipponbashi in Osaka on 7 May 2022, special guest Yutaka Izubuchi revealed he was the series director for the project. He also said that Kazunori Ito would be the main screenwriter with his scripts completed. Storyboards and a new pilot film were being produced. The anime will be set in the mid 2030's with some of the original characters returning, though some had already left the SV2. The project will most likely be released in 2024.

This page will be continue to be updated as new information about the project is released.

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