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Synopses for Minipato Theatrical Shorts

1   Roar Revolver Cannon!
Episode 1In this episode, Captain Gotoh introduces the audience to the guns that the Patlabor units use, and discuses the ammunition the guns use and the impracticalities of the guns. There are cameos in this episode from Eiichi Hoba and a crow from the first Patlabor film, and Arakawa Shigeki from the second Patlabor film.

The old anime being parodied at the start of the episode is "Mazinger Z". Released 30 March 2002.


2   Ah, Victorious 98 Model AV
Episode 2Shige introduces the audience to the Ingram AV-98 Patlabor, and discusses how the robot came to be. He also explains to the audience how robot shows have evolved over the years, why the Patlabor anime was a revolutionary idea, and suggests the mechanics should have been the stars of the show.

There are a ton of cultural and anime references in this episode. AV is a common term meaning 'Adult Video' in Japan (in Patlabor it's an abbreviation for "Advanced Vehicle"). When Shige refers to Mobile Suits and Armoured Troopers, he is referring to "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Armoured Trooper Votoms". The Ingram combination sequence is a parody of "Combattler V". When Shige discusses the various types of robots, one of them is a parody of the Guntank (from "Mobile Suit Gundam"), one is a powered suit from "Dallos" and another looks like the Evangelion mass production units. The cutaway image of the Ingram includes three electric motors commonly found in Japanese plastic model car kits. In the scene where Shige is posing with a woman in a swim suit, this is a parody of "Space Adventure Cobra". Shige has a 'psycho gun' on his arm in this scene. Matsui and Arakawa Shigeki from the second Patlabor film are inside the Shanghai Restaurant when it is blown over. In the final scene the Babel Virus and Eiichi Hoba and a crow from the first Patlabor film make a cameo appearance. Released 6 April 2002.
3   The Secret of Special Vehicle Unit 2
Episode 3Shinobu reports on the main problem with the SV2: food. She tells the story of how the members of the SV2 became addicted to dried Goby. To solve Goby shortages, Gotoh practically turns the fishing and drying of Goby into an industry, and ends up marketing Goby over the internet.

Shinobu's opening monologue is very similar to Kamagumi's opening monologue in "The Dungeon - Again". There are lots of parody images through out the episode of famous scenes from the first and second Patlabor movies. Detective Matsui and Arakawa Shigeki from the second Patlabor film again make cameos in this episode. There is also a parody of the final scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Released 13 April 2002.

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