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Commercial Promotional Items List

Continuing below are examples of promotional Patlabor related items. Most of these items aren't meant for the general public, but were produced for retailers, the media and to promote Patlabor to the public. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but instead I've tried to highlight some of the more interesting items I've come across.

Special Vehicles Unit 2 Uniform

Uniform modeled by Hiroko Kasahara

Helmet and Jacket

Notes: One of several SVII uniforms created by Bandai to promote the series in 1988. Here it is being modelled by idol singer Hiroko Kasahara. It was used on the cover of B-Club magazine, worn by hosts Hiroko Kasahara and Yutaka Izubuchi in the video "Mobile Police Patlabor Vol. 6: Kawaraban" and the cover of "Patlabor Image Soundtrack Album Vol. 4 Infinity". Note the detail on the helmet which even includes the in-built two-way headset and microphone (though I'm sure it's only for looks, I highly doubt it functions!), and the detailing on the uniform itself. Another uniform was created for the models which appear on the sleeves of the 1998 movie video releases.



P-Club Booklet Volume 0, with art by Akemi Takada and Yutaka Izubuchi

P-Club Extra Volume 1 Booklet, art by Yoshinori Sayama P-Club Extra Volume 2 Booklet, art by Nobuteru Yuuki P-Club Extra Volume 3 Booklet, art by Mutsumi Inomata P-Club Extra Volume 4 (1992) Booklet, art by Kousuke Fujishima P-Club Extra Volume 4 (2002) Booklet, art by Tetsuya Nishio

Notes: P-Club was Bandai Visual's official Patlabor fan club, mostly used to promote video releases and other products. From the end of the TV broadcast in 1990, the club began operation and offered exclusive merchandise for sale as well as letting it's members know what Patlabor related events and products were forthcoming. At it's height, close to 30,000 people had joined. One special item of the club was the P-Club Extra booklets (shown above), most of which had exclusive cover artwork by different artists and were packed with information, fan art and interviews. From the top we have Volume 0, with art by Akemi Takada and Yutaka Izubuchi. Volume 1 had art by Yoshinori Sayama, Volume 2 by Nobuteru Yuuki, Volume 3 by Mutsumi Inomata and Volume 4 by Kousuke Fujishima. By 1993 the club had run it's course, but was resurrected in 2002 for the third Patlabor movie. A new P-Club booklet was issued and was only available to those who sent a email to Bandai Visual's Patlabor website. Confusingly numbered Volume 4, it's artwork features super deformed versions of the lead cast members of the film and was illustrated by Tetsuya Nishio.


Japanese Print Advertisements

Bandai 1/60 Plastic Model Kit Ad

Bandai Cloth Gear System Kit Ad

Notes: A couple of advertisements from Japanese magazines from 1990; one for the 1/60 plastic model kit series by Bandai and also their Cloth Gear Series of kits, also from 1990. More adverts to come soon!


English Print Advertisements

Manga Entertainment Patlabor the movie Video Ad

Manga Entertainment Patlabor 2 the movie Video Ad

Notes: UK magazine advertisements for Manga Entertainment's video releases in 1995. I'm not sure about the by-line for the first film. Don't think the world of Patalbor is "automated" as such nor was it a "doomsday" movie. The second ad seems to think that "Patlabor 2" film took place in 2022, 20 years after the actual setting of the movie! But Manga's video sleeves themselves have the correct date of 2002. More adverts to come soon!


Bandai Video News Sales Pamphlet

Bandai Video News Sales Pamphlet

Notes: A sales pamphlet for video store retailers from around September 1990. This one highlights the first volume of the TV series/New OVA Series.


TV/New OVA Series Video Release Mail-In Items

Transistor Radio, Shinohara LCD Card Clock and Schaft Solar Cell Calculator

Notes: These items, from left to right; a transistor radio, a Shinohara LCD card clock and a Schaft solar cell calculator, were mail-in items available to those who bought the video releases of the TV series/New OVA Series (1990 - 1992).


"The Day After" Audio Drama Promo CD

"The Day After" Audio Drama Promo CD

Notes: This audio drama was included in the "Patlabor New OVA Series DVD Box", but Bandai Visual also released this promotional CD of it in 2000. Not exactly sure who this was intended for, perhaps radio stations in an attempt to promote the DVD box set.


Playstation Patlabor Game Edition Demo Disc (Shonen Sunday Insert)

Playstation Patlabor Game Edition Demo Disc

Notes: A giveaway demo disc included in an issue of Shonen Sunday in late 2000.


Emotion Sticker Collection

Emotion Sticker Collection

Notes: A giveaway sticker set from 2002, featuring stickers from Bandai Visual titles "Macross Zero", "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex", "Galaxy Angel", "Planentes" and Patlabor of course .


Bandai Visual News Vol. 11 Patlabor Special Guide 2002 Promo DVD

Bandai Visual News Vol. 11 Patlabor Special Guide 2002 Promo DVD

Notes: Promotional DVD featuring trailers from "WXIII Patlabor the movie" and a clean version of the opening of "Minipato". I think this DVD pretty much has the same material on it as the DVD which came with the "Ticketmaga" (movie ticket/magazine set) for "WXIII Patlabor the movie".


Pachinko Pamphlet

Pachinko Pamphlet

Notes: Pamphlet for the 2007 Patlabor pachinko machine made by Abilit. Features an outline of the history and story of Patlabor, profiles of the cast and Labors and naturally specifications and game highlights of the machine. I think these pamphlets are primarily sales brochures for pachinko parlour owners, but there also seems to be a secondary market for people who collect these items.

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