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Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack Theatrical Short

SD Ingrams help storm the castle

Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack

Released 15 July 1989, Runtime: 25 mins


Director: Tetsuro Amino
Screenplay: Tetsuro Amino
Original Story: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yatate (Sunrise)
Character Designer: Nobuyoshi Nishimura
Animation Director: Nobuyoshi Nishimura
Character Conceptual Design: Kouji Yokoi
Production: Sunrise

This is certainly a real oddity. I originally came across this anime while looking at a Japanese Patlabor fan's website. On the page, the author talked about a movie called "Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack". This is a short film which the first part (called "The Storm-Calling School Festival") is a parody of the "Universal Century" Gundam series such as "Zeta Gundam" and "Char's Counterattack" movie, done in the 'Super-Deformed' style as "Minipato" was. There were a number of short movies and direct to video episodes made with SD Gundam characters. Most of these were released in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Interestingly the second part of the film (titled "The Tale of the SD Warring States: The Chapter of the Violent Final Sky Castle"), which is part of the "SD Sengokuden" SD Gundam franchise, and is set in the fictional country of Ark, where SD Gundams and SD Zakus and Rick Doms face off each other in a bizarre ancient Japan-like world with samurai, ninjas and shoguns. In this part, SD Ingrams (led by an SD Alphonse and Ota's Unit 2 Ingram) make cameo appearances, first guarding a group of captured Mobile Suits, then participating in an all out battle, with a group of them carrying a ladder in order to storm a castle. At the conclusion of the battle, two of them can be seen briefly as the dust settles. There are also a couple of very quick minor cameos from the SD Ingrams, but I was unable to capture any decent screencaps off my laserdisc copy of the film. Most of the time they're hidden in the background, making it extremely hard to get any clear images of them. The inclusion of the Ingrams in this film is pretty unusual as the "SD Gundam" series usually focuses solely on Gundam robots. Though the reason for the inclusion is pretty simple; this movie played on the same bill with "Patlabor the movie" in Japanese cinemas.

Below is a small selection of images of scenes where the SD Ingrams appear.

SD Mobile Suits, including a SD Ingram on the far right, prepare to take the idol on the battlefield

SD Ingrams guard the captured SD Mobile Suits

SD Mobile Suits carrying the idol, with the SD Ingram at the rear

SD Mobile Suits come to a halt. The SD Ingram can be seen at the far right

SD Ingrams help to prepare storming the castle

Detail of the post battle scene with a SD Ingram barely visible in the middle


In English

This movie is not available in English anywhere commercially, but it has been fansubbed. Because I only like to support official releases, I won't be providing any links to download this movie. Currently Sunrise is releasing the Gundam franchise via the Right Stuf in the US including some of the more obscure anime in the franchise. It is reasonable to believe that this film may have a good chance of getting a subtitled US release.


In Japanese

This movie was released on VHS (rental only), Laserdisc and in two separate DVD box set releases in Japan by Bandai Visual/Emotion. These releases are in Japanese language only and are not dubbed in English nor do they contain English subtitles. These releases are only available in Japan, and therefore will only work on NTSC compatible VHS, Laserdisc and DVD players (if you don't live in Japan, the US or Canada, check your VCR, LD or DVD player's instruction manual to see if it will play them). Please see the Japanese Specials and Oddities Releases Video List for a complete listing of all releases, formats and product specifications for this movie.

Title Format Catalogue Number
Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack [Out of Print] NTSC VHS, Japanese Dialogue Only BES-378
Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack [Out of Print] NTSC Laserdisc, Japanese Dialogue Only BEAL-314
Mobile Suit SD Gundam Collection Box Limited Release [Out of Print] NTSC DVD, Region 2. Japanese Dialogue Only BCBA-3144
G-Selection Mobile Suit SD Gundam Collection Box Limited Release [Out of Print] NTSC DVD, Region 2. Japanese Dialogue Only BCBA-4105

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