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Shitajiki (Pencil Boards)

Below is a gallery of shitajiki. Shitajiki, a Japanese word commonly referred to as pencil board, are thin, hard sheets of B5 (sometimes A4 or A5) sized plastic board, usually with colour pictures on them. They are meant to be used as a hard backing surface when writing. However they have become collectors items and various anime and other forms of entertainment such as games and movies have images on shitajiki. Most of the ones below are manufactured by Movic or Seika Note. I am unsure of the catalogue numbers and most of the manufacturers for these, so I have decided to just have this page as a gallery. Most shitajiki have black and white pictures on the back, but I haven't got images for all of them, so I haven't included them in the gallery below. All of the Patlabor shitajiki I know of are pictured here, but if you know of any more, please email me.


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