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Phone Cards

Below is a is a very partial list of phone cards, or "teleka" as they are known in Japan. While collecting them is rather a large hobby in Japan, with many different types of cards (including a large anime and manga market), it just hasn't taken off as well in the west. I've compiled most of the ones I have seen and were able to get pictures of, but if you know of any more, please email me.

Shonen Sunday

Notes: Shonen Sunday is the weekly manga anthology published which published the Patlabor manga.



Notes: Newtype is a monthly anime magazine which began in July 1985 and is published by Kadokawa Shoten. Most of their cards seem to be promotional ones available only through the magazine.


Phone Card Set

Notes: This set of four phone cards which depict the artwork for the first four OVAs of the original OVA series, come in a rather attractive package. The phone cards themselves come attached to four separate cardboard sheets with information about each OVA. Also included is an additional cardboard sheet which has a 1998 calendar on it. I'm not sure what use that would be as the set was released in 1988.


Phone Card Packaging

Notes: This is rather clever way to package phone cards. As far as I know only this card was packaged like this. The reverse of the cardboard holder has the Patlabor logo for the original OVA series. It was released in 1989.


Phone Card Gallery

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SD Command Car

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