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The story of Patlabor, images and designs are copyrighted material. This site is a fan made one and is not intended to infringe on any copyrighted material. Images and synopses of Patlabor material is intended to be used for information, review and research purposes only for other fans and is in no way used for profit.

All images are copyright of their respective owners. 1988 - 1994, 2002, 2014 - 2016 Headgear/Emotion/Bandai Visual/TFC/Shogakukan/NTV/Production I.G./Akemi Takada/Masami Yuuki/The Next Generation - Patlabor - Production Committee/Khara. All other logos/trademarks are copyright of their respective owners/companies. Images on this site are used for review and illustration purposes only. All of the text on this website is copyright 2003 - 2022 GWEI Products.

I don't do advertising. I don't want it on my site. I'm not going to spruik for anyone. However, if you are a commercial company and you want to give away copies of your Patlabor product via some sort of competition on this site, I'm quite willing to hear you out. But (and this is a big "but"), you have to realise that I live in Australia, so if you're from the USA, you're going to have keep the stuff and mail it out to the winners. I'm just one individual and can't afford to post stuff across the other side of the globe. Sorry, please understand that.

If you're a company that has little to do with Patlabor, say for example a shop that sells Patlabor DVDs, and you want to stick your link on my website, please go away. As I said before I'm not spruiking for anyone and I won't answer your emails.

Asking for Downloads, Manga Scanlations, Bootlegs etc
Sorry, I only support legitimate commercial products. I don't care if you can't afford legitimate products. I am a fan of this series and want to encourage people to buy legit merchandise. It's easy enough to find the series in English and the CDs are quite easy to find as well. If you do email me about where you can find bootlegs, scanlations or downloads of this series or it's music, don't expect any response.

Copyrighted Material
1) Yes, I have borrowed and incorporated some material (mostly to do with album tracklistings etc) from older often defunct websites, some of which no longer exist, for the purpose of having all the Patlabor information that is out there to be in the one spot. If you have a problem with this, please email me. Please be civil. More often that not I've copied this info long ago and often can't remember where from, so I'm not deliberately trying to take credit for your work.

2) If you a copyright holder of a Patlabor related work and don't want pictures or info posted, please email me so we can work something out. Please be civil. This website is a fan website and makes absolutely no profit (in fact it costs me a bit to keep it running) and quite often than not I have people saying that they discovered the series because of this site or found out about a commercial product because I had it listed.

3) For god's sake, please don't email me claiming I stole your images from your site. First up unless you are somehow affiliated with Bandai Visual or Headgear, then they don't belong to you, do they? Second for the images on this website, I either scanned them from books, magazines or other material I own, or took from screen caps off DVDs, VHS or laserdiscs. Some album and video covers were taken from websites, mostly online shops. If you email me about this subject, I'm going to delete your email straight away.

Use of Material From this Site
Generally I'm OK with it. The images aren't mine, so you can use them. However no direct linking please. Use your own webspace. As for the text, that is mostly mine, but you can use it as a basis to write your own stuff. That's what this site is for; to provide people with information on Patlabor. As long as you're not copying great chunks of text without changing it or re-writing it, there's no real reason to ask me for permission to take stuff or credit me.

Yes, I make mistakes. Lots of them. My Japanese is practically non-existent, so I kind of rely on articles and interviews in English as well as the the occasional translation via some crappy online translator. If you spot a mistake, please help me correct it. I really welcome any corrections. Please be civil too. Despite what you see here, I'm not really an expert on Patlabor, especially with Labors and some of the other aspects of the series like computer games.

About the Webmaster
I'm a Caucasian male in my mid 40's living near Canberra, Australia. Been into Patlabor since the first movie was released in Australia around 1995. The following year I went to see some of the TV episodes a local anime club, and that was it, I was hooked. Currently I'm working as public servant in a payroll section in a federal government department in Canberra, Australia.

Other than Patlabor, I like other anime too such as "Macross", "Cardcaptor Sakura", "City Hunter", "Giant Robo", "Bubblegum Crisis" (yeah, so mostly old robot stuff and magical girl anime), Hayao Miyazaki films and especially films by Satoshi Kon. Recent favourites include "Girls und Panzer", "Code Geass: Akito the Exiled", "Gundam the Origin", "Yamato 2199" and "Shirobako". I also am into cult and foreign cinema, but I haven't been made many trips to the cinema lately. I mostly end up watching the occasional documentary at my local cinema. The only things I watch on TV are the new series of "Doctor Who", "Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell" and other light entertainment programs (like "The Gruen Transfer" and "Would I Lie To You") and documentaries, mostly on local station SBS. As for music I like the Pixies, Lush, Nirvana, eX-Girl, Sonic Youth, Pop Will Eat Itself, Perfume, Wednesday Campanella, Grimes and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Finally, the Email Address
Which is mwhitley[at] - remember to replace the "[at]" with an "@" of course.

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