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Doujinshi (Fan Made Comics)

Below is selection of doujinshi. Doujinshi are fan made comics of their favourite manga or anime series. Some are parodies, some tell alternate stories and some contain their favourite characters in sexual situations. None of these comics are officially sanctioned by the creators, but they seem let them slip by as the publishers and authors of the original works don't want to upset the fans by pursuing legal action. Due to the nature of how doujinshi are published (i.e. in small limited numbers, sometimes only available at one-off events), there is no way in the world I could conceivably produce a comprehensive list of titles, so I have highlighted some of the interesting ones I've come across and included a cover gallery of some of the titles that have been released over the years.

Studio Atrandom

Notes: Studio Atrandom seems to have been the most active "circle" in Patlabor doujinshi. A circle is a group of fan artists who produce the doujinshi. It seems that Studio Atrandom were only active from 1989 to 1992, but with these fan made products, plus the fact I'm not much of a Japanese speaker, I can't be too sure.



Notes: Another rather active circle was a group called Toybox. As you can see they exclusively focused on the main characters in Schaft Enterprise Japan's Section 7.


Hentai Doujinshi

Notes: One of the big sellers in the doujinshi market is hentai, which of course includes the characters in sexual situations. Noa and Asuma seem to be a favourite paring. Not sure why Noa has no pants or bra on on the cover of the third dojinshi pictured above. I'm sure captain Gotoh would reprimand her for not wearing a proper uniform. Also I wouldn't want to use Alphonse's seat after her.


Stationery Doujinshi

Notes: One niche of doujinshi is stationery and calendars. This stuff is really rare, such as the note books pictured above. Most stationery hardly ever comes up on the second hand market or is sold through shops. Most is sold at events like Comiket.


Doujinshi Stickers

Notes: Another specialty is stickers, though I think in modern Japanese fandom it's bit more rare now. I managed to pick these two stickers up in a grab bag of Patlabor posters and promotional material being sold in an online auction. I have no idea who the circle was that produced and there are no identifying clues on the stickers at all.


Not Just From Japan...

Notes: Here is one non-Japanese doujinshi, from Singapore written in Chinese. There are probably a whole lot more, except this is the only Patlabor one I've come across.


Selected Doujinshi Cover Gallery

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