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English Language Magazines Releases

Below is a listing of all of the English language magazine covers that Patlabor has featured on that I am aware of. If you know of anymore, please email. I would have liked to have included a list of every magazine which included a Patlabor article (including brief rundowns of the articles), but this would have been rather hard to compile a list and just about impossible to research.

Anime UK Magazine

Anime UK Magazine issue 1 winter 91/92 Anime UK Magazine issue 10, October 1993 Anime UK Magazine issue 3, new series, May 1995
Left to right; the debut issue winter 91/92, issue 10 from October 1993, and issue 3 of the new series published May 1995.

Notes: First published in late 1991 by Helen McCarthy, Anime UK was a very professional and glossy part-colour and part-black and white magazine, usually running about 42 pages long. In 1994 it won a Tezuka Award for best English language anime magazine. In early 1995 it changed it's name to Anime FX and not long after went full colour. In early 1996 the magazine ceased publication.


Mecha Press

Mecha Press Issue 2 March/April 1992 Mecha Press Issue 16 January/February 1995
Left to right: Issue 2 March/April 1992 and Issue 16 January/February 1995

Notes: This short lived Canadian magazine was dedicated to mecha anime (mostly robot shows). It was published by Ianus Publications who also published Protoculture Addicts. The magazine ran for 17 issues from 1992 to 1995.



Animerica volume 2  issue 6, June 1994 Animerica volume 5 issue 12, December 1997
Left to right; volume 2  issue 6, June 1994 and volume 5 issue 12, December 1997.

Notes: This monthly magazine was published by Viz Communications in the US. The debut issue was released in November 1992 and the final issue came out in June 2005. The magazine still lives on as a freebie in US Borders book chain stores, but is now nothing more than an advertising pamphlet and has none of the great articles, manga or columns the original had.


Manga Mania

Manga Mania Issue 22, May 1995
Issue 22, May 1995

Notes: Originally beginning publication as a part-manga, part-anime article magazine by the UK division of Dark Horse Comics in 1993, the magazine changed many owners over the years, dropped the manga, changed it's name to Manga Max and eventually ceased publication in late 2000. Though not one of the better known English language anime magazines, regardless the articles were excellent with writers like Cefn Ridout, Jonathan Clements, Helen McCarthy and Amos Wong. The magazine won a Japan Festival Award for outstanding achievements in furthering the understanding of Japanese culture in 2000.


Protoculture Addicts

Protoculture Addicts Issue 42, September/October 1996
Issue 42, September/October 1996.

Notes: Beginning in 1987 as a Robotech fanzine, this Canadian anime magazine soon changed it's format to an all anime magazine. It is well know for its well written and in-depth articles on anime. The magazine was later published in conjunction with and ceased publication in 2008.


Anime Play

Anime Play Issue 3, November 2003
Issue 3, November 2003

Notes: This odd DVD/magazine was published by Hirameki International in the USA. The magazine lasted a total of six issues from July 2003 to mid 2004. Each issue was a very small 50 pages, but it included a DVD which had mostly adverts on it, but also some unusual and rare interviews, a regular look at American cosplay at conventions and interviews and articles on American comic book artists.

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