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Here you will find links to just about every Patlabor website on the web plus some other related sites and pages. You might note that a lot of these fan Patlabor websites haven't been updated in many years, which isn't too surprising, but rather disheartening to see. With Yahoo! closing Geocities in October 2009, many of the older (and better) Patlabor fan sites have disappeared. If you know of any more sites which aren't listed here, please email me the details so I can put a link up to them.

Official Sites

Patlabor Official Website (Japanese Language Only)
Official website for the Patlabor franchise. Contains a news section, introductions to the franchise, story, characters, the mecha, events, merchandise and their Amazon online shop.

Patlabor Official Fanclub (Japanese Language Only)
An official fanclub site which includes an official SV2 affiliation certificate, a membership card with leather pass case as well as newsletters, exclusive videos and fanclub information, as well as invitation to fanclub only members events. Membership costs an astonishing 11,000 per annum.

In & Up! (Blog) and In & Up! (Facebook) (Japanese Language Only)
The remaining official sites for "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" in which behind the scenes photos were posted daily. The content on each site is identical. While the official site for the series has been deleted, the official twitter account can be found

Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Official English language website of the company producing "
The Next Generation - Patlabor -".

Omnibus Japan
The official site for the company that will be producing the special effects for "The Next Generation - Patlabor -".

Masami Yuuki Official Site (Japanese Language Only)
The official website of manga artist Masami Yuuki.

Angels: Takada Akemi Official Website (Japanese Language Only)
The official site for Akemi Takada, character designer for Patlabor. Her site contains an art gallery, her profile, links, news and information about her works.

Kazunori Ito (Japanese Language Only)
An archived version of Kazunori Ito's official website which he no longer updates. Ito wrote the screenplays for the first Patlabor OVA series and the first two movies as well as numerous TV and New OVA Series. It contains a list of his works, a diary, links and his profile.

Kenji Kawai
The official English language site for Kenji Kawai, the composer of the Patlabor soundtracks. The site has a listing of the equipment he uses, as well as a list of upcoming soundtracks he has produced.

Studio Khara
Official website of the animation studio producing the "Patlabor Reboot" short. Best knowm for the "Rebuild of Evangelion" film tetralogy and the Japan Animator Expo (aka Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition) short films series, the studio was set up in 2006 by former Gainax member and "Evangelion" Hideaki Anno.

Production I.G
Official English language site for Production I.G. Formally Tatsunoko I.G, this company produces high quality animated TV series, OVAs, and movies. They animated the first two Patlabor films and "Minipato".

Official website for Sunrise, the studio that produced the Patlabor TV series. Sunrise is most famous for their long running Gundam series. They produce many other shows, mostly science fiction anime.

MVM Entertainment
Official site for MVM Entertainment, the video company that previously distributed both Patlabor OVA series in the UK.

Madman (Australia) and Madman (New Zealand)
Official sites for Madman Entertainment, Australia's fastest growing independent video distributor. The company previously distributed the Early Days OVA series, the TV series, the New OVA series and all three Patlabor movies and Minipato in Australia and New Zealand.

Manga Entertainment (USA)
Official sites for Manga Entertainment, the company that used to distribute the first two Patlabor films in English in the USA
. Currently inactive.

Shonen Sunday - Patlabor (Japanese Language Only)
A mini site about the Patlabor manga on Shonen Sunday's official website.

Viz Media
Official site for Viz who previously published the first two Patlabor graphic novels in English.


Patlabor Fansites in English

Patlabor: Condition Green
Run by a girl calling herself Sailor Lum, there's some music from the series and her own fan art on there at the moment. Looks like it hasn't been updated in quite a while

Mobile Police Patlabor
Chinese fan Katie Lee's website which I thought was long gone after Geocites shut down a few years back. While the Chinese version seems to have vanished, you can still find all the English language sections of the site including sections on her fan art, a list of Chinese and Japanese Patlabor books and magazines, cosplay, a gallery of images from the anime, phone cards and shitajiki.

Welcome to Special Vehicle Second Command (SV2)
A website by a guy named Ben Cheng, which contains character profiles, Original OVA (Early Days) list and synopses, New OVA (P-Series) title lists, CD and artbook info. Like a lot of Patlabor websites, this was created many years ago and hasn't been updated for a long time.

MAHQ - Mobile Police Patlabor
This site contains comprehensive Labor profiles from all of the Patlabor series.


Patlabor Fansites in Japanese

Spring Planet (Japanese Language Only)
This website seems to be partly a doujinshi circle website and has fan art, a list of doujinshi the circle has published including covers, a couple of rather cute games, a blog and message board


Patlabor Fansites in Italian

Panchi Worlds of Manga & Anime - Patlabor
Contains an overview of the series in both English and Italian as well as a look at the Italian video releases of the series. Unfortunately the links to the two galleries are broken.


Other Patlabor related webpages in English

Anime Lyrics - Patlabor
Song lyrics for all the songs appearing in most of the anime versions of Patlabor in English and romanised Japanese.

Anime Galleries dot Net - Home > Patlabor Mobile Police
A gallery of Patlabor Pictures.

Anime Wallpapers - Patlabor
Seven wallpapers for your PC. - Patlabor
Contains a whole heap of Patlabor fan fiction.

Anime News Network - Buried Treasure: Patlabor TV & OAVs
Justin Sevakis' fairly extensive review of the TV series and both OVA series for his regular column "Buried Treasure" from May 2008. The only quibble I have is that there are some factual errors regarding availability. There are no hour long compilations of the OVA or TV series (and never have been), and the TV and OVA series were (and still are) in print in Japan as individual box sets. Also Sevakis claims that the New OVA Series is called the "V-Files" in Japan. Um, no... Where the hell did he get that idea from?

A Japanese online magazine in English that includes an interview with Tori-miki about his screenplay for "WXIII Patlabor the Movie 3". - Miyazaki vs Oshii around Patlabor 2
An English translation of an interview with Mamoru Oshii and animator Hayao Miyazaki from Animage magazine, Volume 184 (October 1993 issue).


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