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Minipato (Mobile Police Patlabor Minimum) Theatrical Shorts

Released 30 March 2002 to 13 April 2002

Runtime: 14 mins (Episode 1),12 mins each (Episode 2 and 3)


Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Screenplay: Mamoru Oshii
Original Story: Masami Yuuki
Character Designs/Key Animation: Tetsuya Nishio
Original Story: Headgear
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Music: Kenji Kawai
Production: Production I.G

A collection of three "super-deformed" theatrical shorts involving the characters of Patlabor. Over the course of three weeks one episode was released to theatres, playing before "WXIII Patlabor the movie 3". So essentially you had to pay three times to see all three shorts in the cinema. The animation was done using digital video of cardboard cut-out puppets on sticks. This was then transferred to a computer where backgrounds and additional animation and computer colouring was done. The animation and puppetry process was coined "flip-flop" animation by Mamoru Oshii who conceived the idea. Every time a character changes into a different pose, say from sitting down to standing up, the puppet flips over to reveal the next pose in the sequence. Mouth movements are animated in the same style using computer animation. Besides using cardboard cut outs, 2D and 3D computer animation, clay and photographs are used as well.

During the opening animation and through all three episodes, a caricature of Mamoru Oshii called "Oshii-dog" (a Basset Hound that looks like Oshii) appears. The yellow blimp from the second Patlabor film appears quite regularly in all three episodes. Cameos from Detective Matsui, Eiichi Hoba and a crow from the first Patlabor film, and Arakawa Shigeki from the second Patlabor film also appear in the opening credits. Director Kenji Kamiyama also directed the TV series "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex".


Availability in English
On Streaming Services

Minipato is not available to stream legally anywhere in English.

Physical Home Video Releases

Maiden Japan are currently the only company in the world with English language physical home video rights to Minipato. Currently it is only available on the "Patlabor The Mobile Police: Complete Collection Special Edition" blu-ray box set, which also includes the Early Days OVA, TV series, New OVA series and all three anime films. The Maiden Japan blu-ray set is only available in the United States of America, and therefore will only work on region A blu-ray players. If you don't live in United States of America, check your blu-ray player's instruction manual to see if it will play them. Please see the English Language Movie Releases Video List for a complete listing of all releases, formats and product specifications of this series in English.

Title Format Catalogue Number
Patlabor The Mobile Police: Complete Collection Special Edition (US) NTSC Blu-ray, Region A. Japanese Dialogue and English Dub with English Subtitles. MJB-PTL010

Availability in Japanese
On Streaming Services

Amazon Prime Japan is currently streaming Minipato in Japanese. Amazon Prime Japan's current streaming rights only include Japan.

Format Region Serviced Streaming Company
Japanese Dialogue Only Japan Amazon Prime Japan

Physical Home Video Releases

Minipato is available in Japan from Bandai Visual on DVD. Unlike the Japanese version of WXIII Patlabor the movie 3, the DVD does not come with English subtitles, nor an English dub. The DVD is only available in Japan, and therefore will only work on DVD players that are both NTSC compatible and will play region 2 discs. If you don't live in Japan, check your player's instruction manual to see if it will play the discs. Please see the Japanese Movie Releases Video List for a complete listing of all releases, formats and product specifications for this movie.

Title Format Catalogue Number
Minipato NTSC DVD, Region 2, Japanese Dialogue Only BCBA-1232

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