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Upcoming Product Releases

Release Date Title Product Type Manufacturer Price Retailer Links
May 2022
MODEROID HAL-X10 1/60 Scale Plastic Model Kit Good Smile ¥8,900 Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, AmiAmi, CD Japan,
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 (White) Washable Face Mask Washable Face Mask Aurora ¥2,310 AmiAmi
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 (Black) Washable Face Mask Washable Face Mask Aurora ¥2,310 AmiAmi
June 2022 Shinohara Heavy Industries Washable Face Mask Washable Face Mask Aurora ¥2,310 AmiAmi
June 2022 HOS Babel Washable Face Mask Washable Face Mask Aurora ¥2,310 AmiAmi
June 2022 Schaft Washable Face Mask Washable Face Mask Aurora ¥2,310 AmiAmi
June 2022 Shinohara Heavy Industries Neck Gaiter Neck Gaiter Aurora ¥2,750 AmiAmi
June 2022 HOS Babel Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter Aurora ¥2,750 AmiAmi
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 (White) Neck Gaiter Neck Gaiter Aurora ¥2,750 AmiAmi
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 (Black) Neck Gaiter Neck Gaiter Aurora ¥2,750 AmiAmi
June 2022 Schaft Neck Gaiter Neck Gaiter Aurora ¥2,750 AmiAmi
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 Touring T-Shirt (Uniform Print) T-Shirt Aurora ¥5,500 AmiAmi
June 2022 Special Vehicle Division 2 Touring T-Shirt (White) T-Shirt Aurora ¥5,500 AmiAmi
June 2022 HOS Babel Touring T-Shirt T-Shirt Aurora ¥5,500 AmiAmi
June 2022 Patlabor Character Book 01 Side: Enemies Book Genco ¥1,800
June 2022 Patlabor Character Book 01 Side: Enemies with Acrylic Stand (Utsumi) Book Genco ¥2,500
June 2022 Patlabor Character Book 01 Side: Enemies with Acrylic Stand (Kurosaki) Book Genco ¥2,500
August 2022
MODEROID AV-2 Valiant 1/60 Scale Plastic Model Kit Good Smile ¥4,500 Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, AmiAmi, CD Japan,
August 2022 Patlabor 2 the Movie JASDF F-16J 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit HMA Garage ¥3,520 Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, AmiAmi



16 May 2022 – Patlabor Character Book 01 Side: Enemies Book To Be Released in June 2022 
Genco keep pumping out new merchandise; this time a new three part book series covering various aspects of characters in the Patlabor franchise. The first book in the series will be "Mobile Police Patlabor Character Book 01 Side: Enemies". This book will cover criminals, terrorists and other enemies of the SV2. It will comprehensively lists such characters from all the anime versions of Patlabor as well as the manga. The book also contains interviews with Mamoru Oshii, Masami Yuki, Takaya Hashi who played Utsumi in the TV series and New OVA series, and Atsuko Tanaka who played Saeko Misaki in "WXIII Patlabor the movie 3" and will feature new cover artwork by Akemi Takada. There will be three versions released;
a limited special edition with an acrylic stand of Utsumi, a limited special edition with an acrylic stand of Kurosaki, and an edition with just the book itself. In addition, the first 2,000 copies come with a bonus clear file of the cover illustration of Utsumi and Kurosaki. Members of the Patlabor fanclub will also be able to purchase a set which has both acrylic stands and the clear file. The versions with the acrylic stands cost ¥2,500 each, which the book by itself will cost ¥1,800. The book will be A4 sized with 96 pages and should ship in late June 2022. So far it seems the only place you can buy the book and limited editions is from Amazon Japan.

12 May 2022 – New Aoshima and Kaiyodo Model Kits Announced at 60th Shizuoka Hobby Show 
A number of Patlabor plastic model kit announcements have been made at the 60th Shizuoka Hobby Show at the Twin Messe Shizuoka which is being held from 11 May to 15 May 2022. Aoshima unveiled a prototype of their
1/43 scale AV-98 Ingram Reactive Armor.The kit will feature a cockpit seat which can be raised or lowered, pilot figures of Noa Izumi, Isao Ota and Shinobu Nagumo and optional head parts and decals to build either Unit 1, 2 or 3. Price and release date have not been released yet. Kaiyodo also announced a new Patlabor plastic model line based upon the resin garage kits of sculpted by Katsuo Takuma back in the late 1980's. The kits will be released under the Art Pla series. At Kaiyodo's booth, several garage kits from 1988 were displayed as part of the announcement.

10 May 2022 – New Patlabor Ezy Information Released at Yutaka Izubuchi Event in Osaka 
I said I would not really be updating the website until there was some Patlabor Ezy news, well, we finally got some. A talk and signing event featuring special guest Yutaka Izubuchi was held by the Jungle Mecha Store in Nipponbashi in Osaka on Saturday 7 May 2022. During this event, Yutaka Izubuchi revealed he was the series director for Patlabor Ezy. He also said that Kazunori Ito would be the main screenwriter with his scripts completed. Storyboards and a new pilot film were being produced. The intent of this pilot film seems to be in order to get investors for the project rather than something made as a promotional film for the general public. It was also revealed that the anime would be set in the mid 2030's with some of the original characters returning, though some had already left the SV2. The project will most likely be released in 2024. It was previously revealed on the official Patlabor website that Patlabor Ezy is connected to the TV series and New OVA series timeline and that it would comprise of eight 60 minute episodes. I have created a new page for
the series, and will be updating it as I find new information.

I am aware I have not touched this website in over a year and a half. Now that it seems that Patlabor Ezy seems to be finally on it's way (with any luck...), I will be attempting to update the site over the next few months.

4 October 2020 – Patlabor Masks and Neck Gaiters from Aurora, 30th Anniversary OVA and Movie Exhibition Moves to Niigata 
Clothing company Auroa, who previously released a series of
Patlabor themed cycling jerseys, will release a series of masks and neck gaiters masks and neck gaiters in November. The washable masks come in four variants; black and white versions of a Special Vehicle Division 2 design, a HOS Babel version and a Shinohara Heavy Industries version. All come in small, medium and large sizes and cost ¥2,100 each. A set of neck gaiters will also be released with the same designs for ¥2,500 each. I'll post links to retailers when they become avalible. Auroa will also reissue their cycling jerseys in November.

As previously mentioned, the traveling Patlabor 30th Anniversary Exhibition's next stop is Niigata in Chibu prefecture and will open on 10 October 2020. The theme of this exhibition will be the Early Days OVA and the first movie. This exhibition will include recently commissioned illustrations by Yukio Tachibana of the Ingram and Akemi Takada of Noa, Kanuka and Goto for the Patlabor the movie 4DX screenings and Pia mook releases, three Ingram dioramas created specifically for the Niigata exhibition, new Ingram and Zero illustrations created specifically for the Niigata exhibition by Satoshi Isono, original setting materials and rough illustrations and CD, laserdisc jacket and VHS cover artwork, a selection of Akemi Takada and Masami Yuuki illustrations, an Ark diorama, a quarter scale Ingram and life sized revolver cannon and cockpit. You can also hear commentary on the exhibit by voice actors Mina Tominaga and Yoshiko Sakakibara. Exclusive merchandise will also be sold at the exhibit. The exhibit will be held at the Niigata City Manga and Anime Information Center (Manyo City BP2 1st floor, 2 Chome-5-7 Yachiyo, Chuo Ward, Niigata, 950-0909) and costs ¥1,000 for entry, and ¥800 for advance ticket sales (up to 9 October). Tickets can be purchased at Lawson Ticket and Seven-Eleven Ticket machines, the Billboard Place Service Desk and the Niigata City Manga and Anime Information Center. You will also receive a postcard with original art on arrival. The exhibition is open 11am to 7pm on week days, open from 10am on weekends and public holidays, and concludes on Sunday 15 November 2020. 

27 September 2020 – Website Finally Updated (Partly) 
I know I haven't updated
the website in over two years. I came back from my overseas trip in August 2018 rather exhausted and thought I'd have a break from the site. I then decided that I would not update the site until Patlabor EZY started airing, which I assumed would not be too far off. Here we are over two years later and only two pieces of promotional artwork and lot of merchandise for the series have been released, but literally nothing else. The only new information we have about the project came out over two years ago; the series will be released as eight one hour episodes. Over that time Patlabor celebrated it's 30th anniversary with a traveling series of exhibitions (with the latest in Niigata in Chibu prefecture commencing on 10 October 2020) and a ton of merchandise has been released. This includes new merchandise from Cospa's Videsta range (made in conjunction with Bandai Visual/Emotion), Shogakukan releasing a new edition of the manga, Groove Garage pumping out a lot of merchandise and Good Smile releasing a new range of plastic model kits. I have updated a few sections in the site, mostly to reflect what anime is currently streaming in English, and hope to update the rest of the site section by section. I have done a far bit of research on promotional material and product releases that haven't been included on the site. I'm still compiling that and will eventually incorporate it into the Fridge section. Hopefully I'll be able to update the news section as I discover new product releases and noteworthy stuff, but life may get in the way...

15 July 2018 – Patlabor EZY Merchandise Available for Sale at Tokyo Anime Centre in DNP Plaza 
Twitter user Naoto Arakawa has
posted images of Patlabor EZY merchandise being sold at the Tokyo Anime Centre at DNP Plaza in Ichigaya. The merchandise includes phone and iPad cases, t-shirts, decals, train pass cases and other items. Tokyo Anime Centre is currently holding a Anime and Railways exhibition which features dioramas of model trains in anime settings, including scale models of Patlabor models mixed in with. The exhibition costs ¥1,500 and includes one of three "train pass" tickets, including a Patlabor EZY version. It should be noted that all of the Patlabor EZY merchandise only includes the logo. As of yet no announcement has been made in regards to the Patlabor EZY project as to if it is an anime or a project in another form of media. It is rather curious that merchandise would be made for a project which was only announced via a single poster at the International Animation Film Market at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France back in June 2017. Hopefully this means an announcement on the project is imminent. 

14 May 2018 – New 7" Vinyl Single of Second Patlabor on Television Themes, 30th Anniversary of Patlabor and 15th Anniversary of This Website  
Jet Set Records will issue another 7" single, this time of the second opening and closing themes of the "Patlabor on Television" series.
"Condition Green ~Kinkyou Hasshin~" by Hiroko Kasahara with "Paradise no Kakuritsu" by JaJa will be issued on 18 July 2018. The original single was only released as CD single back in August 1990. The record will cost ¥1,620 and unlike the previously issued record, is being released more widely available and should be available to order online from Japan.

25 April 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Patlabor. I know I'm a little late in relaying the news, but some family emergencies took precedence (it has been a really difficult year or so for me on that front). It's also the 15th anniversary of this website which seems a bit nuts. I still want to update this site, but life is generally getting in the way of doing that. 30 years on and new Patlabor products are still being released, including Bandai's Robot Spirits Side Labor figure line and of course the upcoming "Patlabor EZY" animated project. I find that extraordinary. Anyway, thanks to everyone over the last 15 years who has taken the time to read this website and occasionally email me, even though I can be quite lazy and not reply or take ages to. Sorry. 

15 March 2018 – Team Strike's 1/64 Scale Type 98 Labor Carrier Garage Kit Available for Mail Order 
Previously sold in limited numbers at figure/garage kit showcase Wonder Festival Winter in Chiba in February, garage kit maker Team Strike have now made their
1/64 scale resin Type 98 Labor Carrier resin garage kits available to the general public on their website. The completed kit will hold either the Ingram or MPL-96 Askua-96 garage kits they have previously released. The cost of the Labor Carrier kit is ¥29,980. As they don't ship to overseas buyers, if you want to purchase the kit you'll have to use a Japanese based proxy who will buy and ship it to you. 

8 March 2018 – Limited 7" Vinyl Single of First Patlabor on Television Themes to Be Issued for Record Store Day 
As part of
2018 Record Store Day, which will be held on Saturday 21 April, Japanese independent label Jet Set Records will be issuing a number of new and old releases including a Patlabor related one. The company will reissue the single "Sono Mama no Kimideite" by Yuuko Nitoh with "Midnight Blue" by Kissme Quick on the B-side on a 7 inch vinyl single. The single was previously only issued as a CD single in December 1989. The songs were used as the first opening and closing themes for the Patlabor TV series. The single will only be available in some Japanese record stores only on 21 April. It will not be available to purchase online and will be released in limited numbers. The cost of the record will be ¥1,620. 

6 March 2018 – Bandai to Release Robot Spirits <Side Labor> Griffin Figure and Team Strike's 1/64 Scale Type 98 Labor Carrier Garage Kit  
The Tamashii Nations website announced yet another figure in the Robot Sprits <Side Labor> series;
a Griffin figure as it appears in the TV series with seven optional hand parts, a battle damaged Unit 2 Ingram head and a base. The set is due for release in July 2018 and will cost ¥8,640.

Garage kit maker Team Strike announced and sold a limited number of 1/64 scale Type 98 Labor Carrier resin garage kits at the Winter Wonder Festival in Chiba back in mid February. The completed kits will hold either the Ingram or MPL-96 Askua-96 garage kits they previously released. It is expected they will be selling the Labor Carrier kit on their retail website in the near future for ¥29,980

27 January 2018 – Bandai to Release Robot Spirits <Side Labor> Ingram Unit 1 & 2 Parts Set (Patlabor the Movie) Figure
Sorry, I haven't been able to update the site for a while. The only recent news of note has been that the Tamashii Nations website announced another figure in the Robot Sprits <Side Labor> series; a
Ingram Unit 1 & 2 Parts Set (Patlabor the Movie) figure set which includes parts for Unit 1 and 2 as they appear in the film, battle damaged parts for both units and interestingly battle damaged parts for the previously released Zero Labor. The full list of parts for the set includes; a main Ingram Unit 1 figure, 2 optional face parts, Unit 2 optional parts set, 3 sets of optional hand parts, right arm frame part, a revolver cannon, 2 large revolver cannons, a riot gun, a stun stick, a stun stick optional part for storing in shield, shield, joint parts set, battle damaged parts for Units 1 and 2, Type Zero battle damage parts set, a Type 98 command car and 2 BEL-1999 Caldia robots. Surprisingly this figure release will be a general one, not a Premium Bandai website release like a few of the others in this series. The set is due for release in April 2018 and will cost ¥7,992.

21 October 2017 – Bandai to Release Robot Spirits <Side Labor> AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 and AV-X0 Zero Battle Damage "Patlabor the movie" Versions and Soft Vinyl AV-X0 Garage Kit Delayed  
The Tamashii Nations website has announced they'll be releasing
Robot Spirits <Side Labor> AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 and AV-X0 Zero Battle Damage "Patlabor the movie" Versions sometime in the future. No other information has been announced on the figures yet. Kaiyodo has also delayed their forthcoming AV-X0 Type-Zero to November due to manufacturing issues.

2 October 2017 – Bandai to Release Robot Spirits <Side Labor> AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 and 2 "Patlabor the movie" Versions 
A display of the Patlabor Robot Spirits <Side Labor> series in the Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom at Akihabara station has revealed that Bandai will be releasing AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 and 2 "Patlabor the movie" versions in April 2018. There's no word on when pre-orders will go up, or if these figures will be available in retail shops or exclusive to the Premium Bandai online store. The figures will cost in  ¥7,992 each.

9 August 2017 – New Team Strike Resin Garage Kits & Robot Spirits <Side Labor> AV-98 Ingram Unit 3 
Team Strike have released two new garage kits as part of their ongoing "Patlabor the Life Work" series; the first is a
1/64 scale Type 97 Command Car from the "Early Days" OVA which will cost ¥8,640. Second is 1/64 scale resin AV-98 Ingram based upon the version in the Early Days OVA which was previously released during Wonder Festival Summer 2017 last weekend. The kit will cost ¥21,384. This kit comes with various optional parts including two different sets of hands, two revolver cannons, shield, retracted and unretracted stun sticks and face shield.

The Premium Bandai website have announced a new
AV-98 Ingram Unit 3 figure as part of their Robot Spirits <Side Labor> series. The figure will include five sets of replacement hand parts, arm extension replacement parts, Unit 3 variant replacement parts, a shield, two practice shields, stun sticks and revolver cannons. The figure will be 125mm tall and will only be available to purchase on the Premium Bandai website. It will cost ¥7,020 and will ship out in January 2018. Pre-orders commence tomorrow.

29 July 2017 – Patlabor Garage Kits to be Sold at Wonder Festival Summer 2017 
A number of Patlabor garage kits are to be sold by exhibitors at
Summer Wonder Festival 2017, which is being held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba tomorrow, 30 July 2017. First up is Robo Samurai's 1/60 scale resin AV-98 Ingram machine 1 which is based off the version that appeared in the first movie. It costs ¥12,000 and will be limited to 15 kits. Second is Team Strike's 1/64 scale resin AV-98 Ingram based upon the version in the Early Days OVA. This kit contains additional parts such as two stun stick (one retracted, the second deployed), two revolver cannons, two sets of hand parts, a shield, two sets of hand parts and a set of optional head parts. Cost is unknown. A third garage kit maker is reissuing a 1/44 scale resin Ingram kit that will cost ¥4,500. Summer Wonder Festival 2017 runs from 10am to 5pm and entry is ¥2,500.

28 July 2017 – Kaiyodo to Release 1/24 Scale AV-X0 Type-Zero Soft Vinyl Garage Kit 
In October, Kaiyodo will release
a large 410mm tall (1/24 scale) soft vinyl garage kit of the AV-X0 Type-Zero from the first Patlabor movie. The first in their new Sci-Fi MECHANIC soft vinyl model kit collection line, the kit will contain 32 pieces and will have optional parts to have the head "open faced", or closed. The kit costs a whopping ¥19,440 and is available to pre-order now.

5 July 2017 – Labors to Appear in Forthcoming “City Shrouded in Shadow” Video Game 
Japanese gaming news site
Famitsu has announced that the forthcoming PlayStation 4 game “City Shrouded in Shadow” will include three Labors from the Patlabor franchise; AV-98 Ingrams, Type 5Q/2C Grau Bear and CRL-98 Pyro-Buster. The game, to be released by Bandai Namco on 19 October this year, is set in a fictional metropolis called Ichi city which is attacked by giant monsters. Players can choose between two characters; Ken Misaki or Miharu Matsuhara, with the objective being to attempt to escape the city. Other well-known characters to make appearances in the game announced so far include Ultraman, Godzilla, Gamera and one of the Evangelions.

28 June 2017 - Groove Garage Release SV2 Tool Boxes 
Groove Garage continue to release more "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" merchandise with the addition of
two SV2 toolboxes; one in grey and one in a tan colour. Both are due to ship in August and retail for ¥5,400 each.

25 June 2017 - New TV Series "Patlabor EZY" and Future Updates 
I'll get to the lack of updates in a minute, but first the big news; on 13 June at the International Animation Film Market (MIFA) at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, production company Genco announced they would be producing a new Patlabor anime called "Patlabor EZY". The promotional poster mimics the 1989 movie poster and even uses the exact same background. It is believed this project will be a TV series. Producer
Taro Maki released an image of the poster on his Twitter account. Headgear member Kazunori Ito also announced on his Twitter account that he would be involved in the project, saying "I have been working on a thing like this. Though it won't be realized anytime soon, I am working on it anyway. It won't be realized anytime soon...". Of note is the "Headgear Presents" title at the top of the poster and Headgear copyright in the bottom right hand corner. No other information is known about the project at this stage.

I have had a six month break from this site, but not voluntary one. I went overseas back in March and came back to a family crisis where both my parents will have to be placed in permanent care. Luckily one is already in permanent care at the moment, however the other has been hospitalised since April. So at the moment I'm currently trying to organise the finances for my parents and going through the legalities of setting up financial management orders and guardianship orders for the both of them (no, I haven't got power of attorney for either of them), plus trying to run their household while I try to organise my own life and work, some 200 kilometres away from where they live. I'm not going to have this stuff sorted for at least 12 to 18 months. However I still want to update this site and work on it over that time (mostly as a distraction from what's going on). So if this site is neglected over that time, it's not deliberate. I have also updated the upcoming product releases. Several Bandai figures (including two Premium Bandai website only figures) and lot of Cospa merchandise has come out since December. I want to update the merchandise section of the site to include all of the Cospa stuff, but that's a long term project.

4 December 2016 - New Robot Spirits Brocken and Ingram Unit 2 Figures
Some belated news; Bandai will be releasing numerous Patlabor figures as part of it's Robot Spirits <Side Labor> line. First up is Ota's Unit 2 Ingram which was
only available to order on the Premium Bandai website. Unfortunately I noticed this too late and pre-orders have already closed last week. It will ship in March 2017. The second figure is the Type 7 Brocken which comes with three kinds interchangeable wrists, a 40mm quick fire machine gun, a 105mm cannon gun and traffic light and guardrail accessories. It retails for ¥7,560 and is available for pre-order now at the usual places. It will also ship in March 2017.

25 November 2016 - New Patlabor Project in the Works
Producer Taro Maki
announced on his Facebook page yesterday that work on a new Patlabor project has commenced. In the post he also jokingly wondered how many years it would take to complete. Other than this short Facebook post there are no details as to what this project may be.

23 November 2016 - Patlabor Reboot Streaming Legally with English Subtitles
The Japan Animator Expo (aka Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition website
is streaming "Patlabor Reboot" for free in Japanese with optional English subtitles until 28 February 2017. The streaming page also includes character and colour design reference sheets, mechanical design sheets, backgrounds and a full staff credit list.

10 November 2016 - The Blu Collection to Release Patlabor Movies Blu-ray Sets Up for Pre-Order
The three disc set of Patlabor anime films from South Korean video company
The Blu Collection is now up for pre-order on KimchiDVD. It comes in two different versions; a lenticular version and a "fullslip" version. Both sets don't seem to have a boxes to hold all three discs, but come with the "Minipato" theatrical shorts and booklets. As I previously mentioned, both sets are limited to 600 copies each, so if you want a copy, order now.

9 November 2016 - The Blu Collection to Release Patlabor Movies on Blu-ray with English Subtitles
South Korean video company
The Blu Collection will release all three Patlabor movies in a very limited quantity of 600 each. Each disc will cost ₩33,000 and come with a number of bonus items such as stickers and mini posters. All three discs will have the original Japanese audio, Korean and English subtitles. The discs will be released on 30 November 2016. The only place you can buy the discs seems to be KimchiDVD, however pre-orders won't open until 10 November 2016. I'll post more details as they come to hand.

6 November 2016 - Site Updates 
I have created a new section,
The Next Generation - Patlabor - Merchandise, which as it sounds lists nearly 120 items of various merchandise that were sold as part of "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" franchise. I really don't know if they made a profit on any of that stuff considering the rather lukewarm response to the series. When I compiled the list, I was pretty surprised at the amount stuff they put out for sale. Sometime between now and the end of the year, I hope to compile and complete a new section on the promotional items made for the series.

2 October 2016 - Site Updates 
I have pretty much finished the section on "
The Next Generation - Patlabor - Final Battle in the Capital (aka Tokyo War)" (more or less). Other than adding some some additional trivia and some minor edits, all the work on the "Next Generation" project is finished. I don't usually editorialise, but it was an absolute chore to sit through the movie version of that series. It's an utterly frustrating film not helped by the fact it draws immediate comparisons to "Patlabor 2 the movie". It's just a pale imitation of the anime version and a far, far inferior one at that. I despise the film more and more each time I watch it. Anyway I've also managed to update the fix up the rest of the site so it looks a bit nicer. I want to update a number of sections and will be doing so over the next few months.

13 September 2016 - "Patlabor Reboot" Blu-ray and DVD to Include English Subtitles
There is a little bit of conflicting and confusing information, but the Bandai Visual website is stating that the
Blu-ray and DVD versions of "Mobile Police Patlabor" will contain English subtitles. The weird bit is that it's listed under special features, not the actual disc specifications. However all of the previous Japan Animator Expo (aka Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition) short films have been streamed with English subtitles, so it would be strange if this short didn't receive the English subtitled treatment as well. The short will now be 8 minutes long and the discs will contain 40 minutes of extras.

11 September 2016 - Figureheads x Patlabor Collaboration, Bandai Visual's "Patlabor Reboot" and Patweb Websites Revamped
Patlabor mission has been added to Square Enix's online strategy mecha shooter game "Figureheads". From 14 September to 17 November 2016, players will be able to select a mission involving the Ingram and Griffin from "Patlabor". Both Labors are modified "Sports Type" versions. Players will be able to use various weapons while piloting the Ingram including the Revolver Cannon Shotgun and Stun Stick.

Bandai Visual has updated their Patlabor Reboot website to include a new visual for the short as well as very short comments from Yasuhiro Yoshiura, Yutaka Izubuchi and Kazunori Ito. Bandai Visual has also completely revamped their Patweb site which now includes sections on all the Patlabor anime and synopses for every episode.

19 August 2016 - "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" Box Sets to Be Released with Director's Cut of Episode 12
Happinet Pictures will be releasing box sets of "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" on
DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on 2 December 2016. The sets will feature discs identical versions of the single seven disc releases (same on disc content and features) of the series plus an eighth bonus disc which will contain a 51 minute director's cut of episode 12, "Great Expectations". The DVD set will cost ¥15,500 and the Blu-ray version costs ¥18,500. Like the single disc versions, the box sets will only contain Japanese dialogue.

29 July 2016 - Japan Animator Expo's "Patlabor Reboot" Short Film Announced 
You have probably already heard the big news today; a new 10 minute Patrlabor short called "
The Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot" will be released on 15 October 2016 to cinemas as part of a compilation film named "Screening of Go Go Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition". This compilation film contains 12 short films from the Japan Animator Expo (aka Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition) short films series that has been streaming on Niconico since 2014. The series is collaboration between Studio Khara (set up Hideaki Anno to produce the "Rebuild of Evangelion" film tetralogy) and Japanese telecommunications company Dwango. While those films were previously streamed with English subtitles, "The Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot" is going direct to the cinema with a home video release (with no English subtitles announced) straight after. No streaming release has been announced. 

The short film's story is currently unknown, however the footage from
the trailer shows a heavily influence from the first two Patlabor films. Yasuhiro Yoshiura ("Time of Eve", "Patema Inverted") will be directing and storyboarding. He will also be writing the screenplay with Kazunori Ito. Naoyuki Asano ("Mr. Osomatsu") will be doing the character designs based off Masami Yuuki's original designs. Kenji Kawai will of course be providing the music and Yutaka Izubuchi is credited with mechanical designs. Megumi Hayashibara (Rei in "Evangelion", Lina Inverse in "Slayers") and Koichi Yamadera (Spike Spiegel in "Cowboy Bebop") are credited as voice actors in the short. "Screening of Go Go Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition" will screen from 1 October 2016 to 21 October 2016 only at the Shinjuku Wald 9 cinemas in Tokyo and Umeda Burg 7 cinemas in Osaka. Tickets will cost ¥2,000. Cinema patrons will be able to buy a special theatre only edition of "The Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot" on Blu-ray in cinemas for ¥6,482. The following week Bandai Visual will release retail versions of the short on Blu-ray (¥5,000) and DVD (¥3,000). This will mark the first time one of the Japan Animator Expo short films has been released to physical home video. I have written up a bit more detail on the film in the short's section here. I plan to update the section and the info on the BD and DVD releases over the weekend. I really like Yasuhiro Yoshiura's work and based on the trailer this short looks fun.

5 June 2016 - Site Updates 
I have finally finished the section on "
The Next Generation - Patlabor -" movies series. It's taken a little while to complete it. I don't think I'll be making many corrections to the section other than some minor editing for grammar and spelling and some other minor edits regarding guest actors and trivia. Next up will be the section on "The Next Generation - Patlabor - Final Battle in the Capital (aka Tokyo War)", but that one is going to take a white complete. I'll also be updating other sections as I go and attempting to clean up a lot of stuff. I also want to do a separate section on "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" merchandise sometime in the future.

1 June 2016 - “The Next Generation: Patlabor - Tokyo War” Director’s Cut Edition Available on Blu-ray in English + Tamashii Nations Ingram Figure to Ship in October 
A couple of recent news items; first on 27th May, Panorama in Hong Kong have released the
Director’s Cut Edition of “The Next Generation: Patlabor - Tokyo War” on Blu-ray format only. This is the longer 119 minute version released five months after the original 94 minute theatrical feature. Like their previous “The Next Generation - Patlabor -“ releases, this disc will be coded region A and will have the original Japanese dialogue, a Cantonese dub and English and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) subtitles. It’s selling for HK$239. Like the other discs in the series, for some unknown reason Yesasia isn’t selling the disc (the usual place I buy my Hong Kong DVDs and BDs from), so I only found out about this release by accident yesterday. However you can buy the disc from Play Asia and DDDHouse.

Secondly Tamashii Nations (Bandai) have announced a Patlabor figures as part of their Robot Spirits series. The series will be released under the <Side Labor> name with the
Unit 1 AV-98 Ingram to be released in October 2016. Features include fully possible arm and leg joints, Revolver Cannon, leg cover opening for the Revolver Cannon, arm manipulator, face amour and hand replacement parts, Stun Stick and Type 98 Command Car. The figure stands 125mm and retails for ¥7,200. Tamashii Nations have also announced a special campaign where you can buy additional parts to convert the figure into Unit 2.

21 May 2016 - Apologies and Site Updates 
Due to a number of reasons, I just haven't been able to update this site for over two years now. In the last month or so I've finally pulled my finger out and tried to make a start on updating everything. I've started with "The Next Generation - Patlabor - " with updates to
the movie series as well as the concluding full length theatrical feature. I've also made a few updates here and there. It's going to take a long time to fix up stuff, there's going to be a few broken links and whatnot, so bare with me. As of last month, the entire franchise, including "The Next Generation - Patlabor - " series and film is available on Blu-ray in English. Maiden Japan has released the New OVA Series and the three films as well as "Minipato" on Blu-ray in the US. In Hong Kong, Panorama released "The Next Generation - Patlabor - " with English subtitles. You can get copies from DDDHouse and Play Asia. For some reason YesAsia is only stocking the DVD versions. At any rate the subtitles can be a bit spotty on the discs, but are reasonable (like the series). To be honest the series was OK in spots and had flashes of brilliance, the movie version I didn't like much at all. I don't understand why Oshii decided to remake a substandard live action version of "Patlabor 2 the the movie". In the end neither was a patch on the anime versions. But go out and watch it yourself and make your own conclusions.

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